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It covers all necessary data science elements: Data science methodology, Python, Data wrangling, Machine learning and Deep learning.

Yes. The whole program is designed from complete beginners who have no coding or data science background.

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The whole program is designed to be finished by 30 days for complete beginners. However, you will have a-year access once purchased.

Yes. You can join and become a member to access some course with unlocked icons to review course content for free.

A certificate will be provided electronically (a PDF file) for students who complete all courses and submit all 4 projects with correct answers.

Spending time in practicing machine learning algorithms and practical model configurations is recommended.

We’re a team of 8 academic and industry experts who are dedicated in delivering quality and state-of-the-art data science knowledge.


Early bird membership is a pre-released membership for students to earlier access to the course content that has been finished.

The membership has 1-year duration (limited-time offer). As promised, all course content will be rolled out by June 2021.

Enrol today for 90% off, the course fee will be on $399 soon!

You can review 6 classes with no membership expired date to have a taste of our course.


Yes. We only process your payment through SSL encrypted method. Your financial information will be secure and will not be stored in any place.

No. Your subscription will be only valid in one year, and you won’t be charged after that.

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