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into Data Science

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The most efficient way to start your AI career

Why spend months to learn it?

 There is a better way to do this. 

26 beginner-friendly classes plus 4 real-world projects to understand data science in 30 days!

Course curriculum

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Get yourself familiar with data science terminologies

Data science, ML, AI?


To be the best, you have to know your tool well – Python, the #1 language for data science.

Pro skills

Version control and fetch web data are vital skills of data scientist.

Machine learning

Acquire the core of ML and apply it through projects

Supervised learning

Regression models

Tree-based models

Unsupervised learning

Predicting housing Price

Other ML models

Bias & Variance

Feature engineering

Statistics & probability

Deep learning

Learn the state-of-the-art AI application.

Deep learning

Natural language processing 1

Natural language processing 2

What you'll get

Super efficient

Within 30 days, you’ll learn 26 courses about Python, data wrangling, data visualisation, machining learning and deep learning and lots of stuff about data science.

You’ll build projects from scratch to show on your resume and apply them for your future career.

——— Learning Material ———

30 Days

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Step-by-step classes


Real-world projects


coding exercise blocks

Practical Python

Our course is beginner-friendly with no coding experience required and no installation needed throughout the entire course.

You’ll learn the Python that is practical and specific for data science.

Unlimited access

You will have one-year unlimited access although it’s designed for a 30-day course.

Expert help

Our online tutors are here to answer any of your questions during your membership 24/7.


Once you finish all projects and if they’re correct, you’ll receive a certificate with your name on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It covers all necessary data science elements: Data science methodology, Python, Data wrangling, Machine learning and Deep learning.

Yes. The whole program is designed from complete beginners who have no coding or data science background.

To access the whole content, you have to become a member. Read more

The whole program is designed to be finished by 30 days for complete beginners. However, you will have a-year access once purchased.

Yes. You can join and become a member to access some course with unlocked icons to review course content for free.

A certificate will be provided electronically (a PDF file) for students who complete all courses and submit all 4 projects with correct answers.

Spending time in practicing machine learning algorithms and practical model configurations is recommended.

We’re a team of 8 academic and industry experts who are dedicated in delivering quality and state-of-the-art data science knowledge.

Together, we make data science easier

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